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[导读] 人类、自然和宇宙从来都是一体,彼此依存而又自立的共同生长着,此即“共生”。共生,是相互尊重个性和圣域,并扩展相互的共同领域的关系,是给予、被给予这一生命系统中存在着的东西。 Human beings, n


Human beings, nature and the universe have always been one body, and they have grown together in an interdependent and independent manner. This is called "symbiosis". Symbiosis is a relationship that respects each other's individuality and sanctuary and expands each other's common realm, and is what exists in this living system of giving and being given.


The residents in this case love diversified art, yearn for contact with nature and longing to enjoy time in the architectural space. They are full of spirit and loyal to the minimalist form. We try to break the limitation of limited physical space, adhere to the concept of "symbiosis", and create a multi-faceted emotion that accommodates the residents. , a variety of preferred villa space design, to create an ideal aesthetic living for residents.


Architecture and Nature



Architect Kisho Kurokawa once said: "A good building should coexist with nature". In this villa space, the symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature is more stable and firm.


The soft sunlight breaks through the glass partition and spreads in the living room area. The whole interior is rendered in three different tones of red, gray and white. In the open environment, a small "silver" tree and a Embellished with an abstract painting, he provides a warm and bright visual effect to the interior space, creating a restrained aesthetic in the living room with soft tones and simple decoration.


The main sofa in the living room is made of light-colored linen fabric, which is friendly and warm. It is matched with the wooden dark frame single chair, and a natural and high-end quality sense arises spontaneously. A full array of creative coffee tables, accessories and chairs make the overall space more dynamic and lively, and a vibrant green plant is implanted to make the residence more like a work of art.


The space is connected with the leisurely natural scenery outdoors by large glass partitions, and the transparent light makes the clean interior space appear softer, brighter and smoother. This is exactly the effect the designer wants to present. It is expected that the space can allow residents to withdraw from the fast pace of modern life and enter a natural shelter in the reinforced forest for a little breath.


Abundance and beauty


The dark and light tones are persistent, the art of modernism and abstraction is blended, and the collision of simplicity and luxury connects the richness and beauty of the entire space.

进入B2层客厅区域,创意与艺术的元素被充分挖掘,体现对优质生活的探索,设计师让主人在每个角落都能与自我所爱共生。绿色的沙发椅使空间更加精雅,搭配浅色系的舒适沙发,尽显非凡品味。阳光透进来的那一瞬间,抽象壁画、潮玩公仔与室内其他摆设相映成趣 ,让每一帧的画面都充盈着美好生活的现在进行时。

Entering the living room area on the B2 floor, the elements of creativity and art are fully excavated, reflecting the exploration of high-quality life. The designer allows the owner to coexist with the self-love in every corner. The green sofa chair makes the space more elegant, and with the comfortable sofa in light color, it shows extraordinary taste. At the moment when the sun shines in, the abstract murals, trendy dolls and other indoor furnishings complement each other, so that every frame of the picture is filled with the present tense of a better life.


The living room is connected with the tea room and the bar without boundaries. The color of the space is decorated with bright chairs, and the combination of light colors and white is used to render the space, so that residents can slowly taste life in the dense tea fragrance, or enjoy the swaying of red wine. Life. The designer uses a minimalist layout with tension decoration, giving the space a personalized expression, and the simplicity reveals exquisite elegance.


The restaurant exudes a charming brilliance under the sunlight of the time. A huge artistic chandelier is set above the dining table, which has an interesting collision with the ethereal and wide upper space, making the upper and lower patterns harmonious and overflowing with exquisite balance and beauty. The open kitchen is embedded in the simple island bar, boldly abandoning redundant decorations, and the ultimate presentation is that the material itself is the soul, and the light becomes the art of flowing in the space.


Entering the mahjong space by climbing the stairs, in addition to the simple and calm tone, the large area of marble material is integrated into it, so that the artistic charm can flow out, and the green plants and creative transparent chairs are added to make it leisurely and compose a chapter of contemporary comfort.


life and art 


Art is a common language, interpreting timeless classics and refining the moment of inspiration. Designers put multi-dimensional art forms in the same space, let art and art dialogue, let art and space interact, let space and people blend, let people resonate with art, write life poetry for residents, and brew the warmth of home.


The study is a poetic living area for the residents. It abandons the complicated layout and creates the space as a place for a clear and elegant artistic lifestyle. The eye-catching natural landscape paintings, the large front desk and the off-white seats enrich the poetry. The softness of sexual space. The idea of creating the main and bathroom space is in the same vein as that of the study. The simplicity is rich in artistic genes. Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" fills the entire space with an active atmosphere of artistic creation.


The design in the master bedroom is unique. The light-colored headboard, striped carpet and beige-gray walls combine with the outdoor scene to create a sense of luxury from nature. Rousseau's "Sleeping Gypsy" is hung on the wall》 painting, adding a touch of artistic atmosphere to the dignified and high-end bedroom.


In the space of the son's room and guest room, the decoration and color as low as possible are used to create a quiet and soothing space feeling. Use lotus root and gray tones to express tranquility, and then embed a whole green plant and creative sculpture. In the simple layout, color and art create warmth. We hope that the bedroom space can be as tolerant as a mother, with a warm embrace. can soothe everything. While meeting the needs of daily washing, the bathroom adds a sense of dynamism and transparency to the flat space.


Wandering in this space full of infinite vitality and art, there are thousands of tender feelings in the heart. Every relationship between architecture and nature, abundance and beauty, life and art is silently narrating the symbiosis.

Project Information


项目类型 | Residential:私宅

项目面积 | Area :750㎡

设计师 | Designer:曾吴熙、刘义霞

设计团队 | Team:新成空间艺术

项目地点 | Address:四川乐山

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